LEADING SELF: How’s Your Relationship With Money?

Leadership is not just about guiding others; it’s a multifaceted journey that begins with self-mastery. To lead effectively in business, we must first lead ourselves in the fundamental areas of life: health, finances, and relationships.

This recent article “How To Improve Your Relationship with Money” delves into the concept of money, highlighting how our financial behaviors—rooted in deep-seated beliefs or “money scripts”—matter. I propose that our relationship with money also reflects broader patterns in our lives and in our leadership of others.

For example, money avoidance may signal a broader tendency for avoidance in relationships or health. We might believe our connections are strong, despite minimal investment and a prevailing distance, whether at home or within our teams. We might avoid the doctor, so we don’t have to face what we suspect might be wrong.

Conversely, money worship could indicate a win-at-all-costs attitude, where the pursuit of success overshadows the value of genuine relationships and ethical considerations. It could also translate as an obsession with health, health metrics, and a rigidity to truly enjoying our lives.

To lead others well, we must confront and understand these underlying scripts. By fostering a healthy relationship with money—one that sees it as a tool rather than a measure of worth or happiness—we set a precedent for how we manage our health, nurture our relationships, and steer our businesses.


About the Author

Susanne Biro is a coach to C-suite and executive level leaders. She is the founder of Inner Life Leadership, an app for business professionals who want to reach an unprecedented level of personal understanding and corresponding leadership (and life) success. Susanne is an author, executive development program designer, facilitator, Forbes & CEO Magazine contributing writer, and a TEDx and keynote speaker.

For over two decades, Susanne has worked internationally with senior-level leaders in some of the world’s best companies. Whether coaching one-on-one or authoring, designing, and delivering leadership programs, her passion is the same: to help leaders reach their next level.

Susanne can be reached at 604.864.5408 or via email at


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