The Power To Dream

Ready for a roller coaster ride of self-discovery? Fasten your seatbelts because I’m about to drop a nugget of wisdom that could jet-boost your journey to success. Get ready to master a superpower: The Power to Dream!

Okay, hold your horses. I know it sounds like we’re heading to the land of unicorns and rainbows, but I promise you, it’s far from a stroll in the park. Dreaming isn’t just whimsical thoughts. It’s an art, a discipline, a workout routine for your brain, and the truth is, not many of us can do pull-ups.

So, what’s this dreaming business all about? It’s the art of feeding your brain with thoughts that charge it up, like a high-octane energy drink. It’s about laser-focusing your attention on a vision of a future that you want, even if right now it feels as elusive as a distant star. You’re creating a mental movie, a future positive outcome, and you’re not just watching it but feeling it. You’re immersing yourself in the exhilaration of seeing it become a reality.

But we face a sneaky problem: Our minds love to wander, like an untrained puppy. We dream up an awe-inspiring vision—a killer presentation, a booming side hustle, or a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. But, in a flash, our dreams are bulldozed by energy-sapping thoughts. The nasty little voices whisper, “How on earth can I achieve that?” We even reach our goals sometimes but then find ourselves trapped in a cycle of perpetual longing.

Many of us end up feeling like we’ve run a marathon with no finish line in sight. Even our accomplishments seem hollow and transient. It’s like we’re on a treadmill, always racing towards the next thing, the next achievement, the next high. But what if the joy and fulfillment we’re searching for is right here, right now?

There’s this pesky little voice in our heads, a constant critic that keeps us from really dreaming. Listening to it won’t help you reach the stars—it’ll keep you firmly grounded. It’s like carrying a backpack full of bricks on a hike. You don’t need that extra weight!

So, let’s dive deep into the art of dreaming. Because to live your dream, you need to start feeling it now. You’ve got to flip the switch from waiting for joy to embracing it in the here and now.

Start with something tiny, a very small goal like deciding to drink a glass of refreshing water as soon as you wake up tomorrow. Think about how good it’ll feel, how it’ll kick-start your day on a positive note. Feel gratitude for the easy access to clean water—a luxury not everyone can afford. Let that gratitude soak in, and as you do, you’re already one step closer to your dream.

Now imagine turning this one small goal into a habit, your personal morning ritual. Picture the benefits—enhanced mood, better physical health, radiant skin. Visualize yourself, in your own space, making this happen. That’s dreaming right there! You’ve just turned your brain into a feel-good machine, feeling all the good vibes right now instead of waiting for some distant future.

The beauty of this is its simplicity. There are no distractions, no contradictions. You dreamt it, felt it, and now, you’re more likely to actually make it happen tomorrow. We’re all on a quest for a fulfilling inner world, and why wait to feel alive, grateful, and content? Let’s feel it right now.

Great leaders are masters of dreaming. They focus on the ideas that fill them with energy, that excitement ignites in others too, and voila! You have followers. So dream on!

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About the Author

Susanne Biro is a coach to C-suite and executive level leaders. She is the founder of Inner Life Leadership, an app for business professionals who want to reach an unprecedented level of personal understanding and corresponding leadership (and life) success. Susanne is an author, executive development program designer, facilitator, Forbes & CEO Magazine contributing writer, and a TEDx and keynote speaker.

For over two decades, Susanne has worked internationally with senior-level leaders in some of the world’s best companies. Whether coaching one-on-one or authoring, designing, and delivering leadership programs, her passion is the same: to help leaders reach their next level.

Susanne can be reached at 604.864.5408 or via email at


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