WHAT TO FOCUS ON NOW: Your Own Development

I have been a home-office entrepreneur for over 19 years. Some years I did exceptionally well (annual income in the top 5%). Other years, there was little to no work (ie. 2008-2009). I remember countless days of staring at my laptop, wondering how I would pay my bills, let alone create the life I dreamt of for me and my family.

Regardless, every single year I have made at least one major investment into my own education and development. And when I say major, I mean it. Over the last several years, my annual development budget has been in the tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars (not to mention the time, stress and work these have required). The funny thing is, these investments have always more than paid for themselves – immediately in terms of the expanded self-identity I obtain whenever I stretch myself to learn and grow, but also later, as a tangible number in my bank account.

This year, I doubled my already significant 2019 personal development budget. And, despite everything occurring, I plan to do all I can to keep to these investments. This includes my own coach, mastermind group, courses and networking events. I suspect 2020 might be a net loss. Perhaps 2021 also. But I do this work because I love advancing senior level professionals. And because I love it, I want to become ever more masterful. I want to offer incredible and immediate value to the exceptional executives who hire me. I want to earn the reputation of being one of the best in my field. And if you are reading this far, I know you are interested in doing the same.

So, let’s keep our sights on our long game. Now is always the time to invest in ourselves. Success leaves clues and it looks like sacrifice, investment, intelligent risk, and nothing short of our own hard, personal development work.

Here’s a three-year timeline to assist:

·      2020: Focus on learning, growing, connecting, loving and giving. Innovate & create.

·      2021: Continue to learn, grow, connect, love, give, innovate & create.

·      2022: Look back and celebrate before the next climb!

If you are ready to invest in yourself and are fully committed to using this year to reach your next level contact me at or 1-604-864-5408. We can schedule a call to introduce ourselves and discuss how 2020 can be your most focused, productive, and rewarding year yet!

About the Author

Susanne Biro is a coach to C-suite and executive level leaders. She is the founder of Inner Life Leadership, an app for business professionals who want to reach an unprecedented level of personal understanding and corresponding leadership (and life) success. Susanne is an author, executive development program designer, facilitator, Forbes & CEO Magazine contributing writer, and a TEDx and keynote speaker.

For over two decades, Susanne has worked internationally with senior-level leaders in some of the world’s best companies. Whether coaching one-on-one or authoring, designing, and delivering leadership programs, her passion is the same: to help leaders reach their next level.

Susanne can be reached at 604.864.5408 or via email at


Our world has changed, rapidly and in unexpected ways. As the crisis hit, I offered and held pro bono sessions with leaders from around the world. And I want to continue to do what I can to help. As a result, I now offer hourly sessions to ensure leaders everywhere can quickly get the perspective, clarity and focus they need to lead themselves, and therefore others, well during these challenging and uncertain times.

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